Apostolos Petridis
Apostolos Petridis was born in Parga in 1934. He was involved with various arts
Dimitrios Tagias
Dimitrios Tagias came from from Parga and his contribution to the seamanship wa
Ioannis Patatoukos
Ioannis Dimoulitsas (or Patatoukos) was the first manufacturer and teacher of fi
Vasilios Vasilas
Vasilios Vassilas Basil was born in 1850 in Parga and is the greatest benefactor
Alkis Alkaios
Alkis Alkaios (Vangelis Liaros, his real name) although was he born in Kokkinia
Konstantinos Kanaris
Konstantinos Kanaris is one of the greatest national heroes of Greece.He is know