In Parga, depending on the season, thrive many kinds of fruit and especially cit
Wooden Craft
The art of wood has a tradition in Parga. For several decades there were carpen
Olive Oil Soap
Soap has its roots in Ancient Greece and in particular on the island of Lesbos.
Terracotta Art

Ceramic is one of the oldest arts and has to do mainly with the construction

Ladokouloura (Pretzels)
The pretzels of Parga consumed every season of the year and especially during fa
In Parga as throughout the Greek nature thrives wide variety of herbs Since a
Olive Oil

The history of the olive tree is inextricably part of people's lives in the M

Handmade Structures
In Parga there are plenty of Artists who build artifacts, jewelry, paintings, ut

Syrupy sweets were created thousands of years ago because of the household ne